Daddy’s Back

Two little girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.
Two Little girls go round the outside,
Round the outside, round the outside.

Guess who’s back…back again.
Daddy’s back, tell a friend.
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back,
Guess who’s back…

As you all know, I haven’t been on Tumblr in months.  I have a shit ton of messages that I need to reply to. Please give me time and I will reply to all of them.  And I sincerely apologize for my tardy responses. But I really did need a break from this blog.

I will start posting more content on my blog soon.  Probably within the next week.

Or maybe not…

I’ve always gotten a steady flow of new followers.  But since I’ve been gone, I’ve gotten a fucking MASSIVE influx of new followers.

Which leads me to believe, people prefer it when I don’t post regularly and have lengthy absences.

So maybe I shouldn’t post again for another couple of months….

Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. 


So let it be written…so shall it be done!

At least this way I have more time to read, play video games, drink, and jerk off.  Not necessarily in that order…

If you miss me…look through my archive and reminisce.  I just looked through it and there really is some good stuff in there that I wrote.  And there’s some incredibly lame stuff I wrote as well.   Oh well! They can’t ALL be winners!


P.S.  Remember back in the day when I would post new stuff almost daily?  Ah…those were the good ol’ days…I really wish I had that same passion now, that I had then.

P.P.S.  Maybe I shouldn’t have even wrote this post.  Maybe I’m being a dick vagina tease.  It’s the scotch talking.  Johnny Walker says: “Hi Bitches!”

P.P.P.S.  Johnny Walker is a dick.

P.P.P.P.S. This post has been brought to you by “Johnny Walker: Red label”. 

She couldn’t help but touch herself, when she thought about how her Daddy had touched her the night before.
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She couldn’t help but touch herself, when she thought about how her Daddy had touched her the night before.

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Anonymous asked: Aw i wish i had a daddy just like you <3

Awwww…Thank you sweet Anon!

Anonymous asked: Saw that you have a degree in History, what do you do with that? I know you aren't a teacher.

If you aren’t a teacher….nothing.  It’s completely worthless. And has been worthless to me as well.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever made your little girl squirt?

Can’t say that I have.

Anonymous asked: Daddy, if we were together, you wouldn't let another man with me, right? Would we be exclusive?

I don’t share.  And I don’t expect my little one to share me either.

Anonymous asked: Besides being 6'6", can you share anything else personal about you, Daddy?

Ummm…I honestly don’t know what else to share.  I’m pretty boring actually.  

  But I will give some fun boring facts about me to humor you, Dear Anon.

lets see…

In addition to being tall…

hmmm….this is a really difficult question as I don’t find myself interesting at all…

But here are some boring fun lame facts about me…

1.) I read a lot.  Only non-fiction, though.

2.) I enjoy playing video games.  But who doesn’t?

3.) I used to teach a Women’s self defense course at a local college.  Which was very fun and fulfilling to me.

4.)  I’m absolutely horrible with math and numbers, but I am very good at remember Historical dates.

5.)  I used to party a lot and was usually the center of attention at  parties(for better or worse). Because I’m an attention whore?  Probably.  Now, I’m practically a hermit and I rarely go out anymore.  :(

6.)  One time in College we were supposed to write a 15 page research paper on a historical figure. I chose to write about  Mahatma Gandhi.  Being the immature rebel, that I was/am, I entitled my paper as: “Gandhi was a Racist Mother Fucker.”  The Professor told me my paper was an “A” paper, but reduced the grade to a “C” because “you knew that title was inappropriate and immature.”  But the title was correct.  Gandhi was a racist.  Google that shit if you don’t believe me, people!

7.)  There are times, when I get very depressed about the lack of achievements in my life.  I honestly feel I’ve been a complete failure in life.

8.)  I’ve struggled with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) my entire life, which has made it very difficult to concentrate and learn anything that I don’t find interesting(thus my complete failure with math or numbers).  And I have always refused to go on drugs in attempt to correct it, as I fear it would take away from my personality.

9.) I enjoy alcohol, and while most of my friends have, I have never partaken in any recreational drugs, not even Marijuana. 

10.) I’m really into firearms and have a small collection.  And they are all tactical, in other words they are not for hunting or sporting purposes.  I have taken classes and have been trained by professionals in the safety, use, and handling of firearms and I practice shooting quite regularly. And I have a license to carry a firearm concealed.  Which I do everyday, unless I am out drinking or at work. 

11.) I’ve never been married, nor do I have any children.

There you go, Anon. That’s a few fun boring facts about me)…see how lame and boring I am?!?  FML!  Seriously FML!

callmethegreatdestroyer asked: Hello, I've just recently discovered your blog and I really do enjoy the personality that it brings. I see many other girls asking for advice and I think its because you come off as such an intelligent, well rounded man. I was hoping for a little guidance if you will, I'm looking for a daddy like many others, I really crave structure I was not given as a child and I need discipline and love. I'm nervous to put so much into someone. What are warning signs of a non genuine daddy?

This is a very good question and one that is somewhat difficult to answer.

  The first sign is if his only connection with you sexual.  If his only interest in you is sexual, it’s a sign he’s what I call a “bedroom Daddy”.  Now, if that is what you are looking for(and some little girls are) there is nothing wrong with a “Bedroom Daddy”, but be aware he won’t be much of a Daddy outside of the bedroom. 

  Secondly,(and I get little girls telling me this happens quite often), if he doesn’t communicate with you for days in a row.  This seems to be a much too common complaint I hear from little ones.  Their Daddy doesn’t talk to them in any way for several days or more in a row.  Which seems very odd to me and is a clear sign he’s no good.  I couldn’t imagine going days in a row without at least sending an email or a text message to my little girl to make sure she’s okay and safe.  At the very least a Daddy that does this is completely irresponsible and negligent or it’s a sigh he is hiding something from you.  Either way, he’s no good and not worthy of being a Daddy to anyone.

   That’s the two main signs.  It’s difficult to give more signs, because some guys are just plain sneaky and deceptive.  If you’ve ever known/or met a guy that was considered a “player” you know what I mean.  They are very charismatic, charming and good at lying, and it can be very difficult to discern if they are genuine or not.  Sadly, there are many men that are exactly that…players. They are good at it, and they exist in this community as well.  They pretend to be a “Daddy” to seduce little girls into having sex with them, and are no more of a Daddy than the douche nozzles that are neglectful or abusive. 

I’m sorry my answer is not very in depth, because honestly, your question was a very good one.  But i hope my answer helped at least a little bit.

Her Daddy put his large hand on her thigh.  Which made her shiver at the thought of where on her body, he was going to put his hand next.
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Her Daddy put his large hand on her thigh.  Which made her shiver at the thought of where on her body, he was going to put his hand next.

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katskinx asked: I miss you.

Awww…Thank you!  But I am here now.  And that’s all that matters!

I like your new Avatar, btw.